Our Platform

All your freedoms, all the time!


Gun Rights

  • The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This means that any and all gun laws are unconstitutional. You have the right to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones by any means necessary. Your ability to protect yourself should not be limited and furthermore, should be equal to any threat that may be received.



  • The Federal Government has overstretched our military across the world, creating more and more enemies, while leaving America and its citizens vulnerable. Our military should be focused on domestic security. Our service members deserve better than to be deployed to countries that have not attacked or declared war on the U.S.



  • You have the right to control your property (self) as you see fit. Government mandates violate the right to bodily autonomy. The state has no right to tell individuals how they live their lives. The Waller County Libertarian Party is against both mask and vaccine mandates. These decisions should be made by the individual based on their own beliefs and assessments.


State Rights

  • The 10th amendment guarantees all rights not granted to the Federal Government should be reserved to the states or to the people. This means that the power of the Federal Government should be limited as outlined in the constitution and all other matters sent back to the states.  Local governments know the unique wants and needs of the populations they represent better than a centralized government. Take the power away from Washington, DC and give it back to those who can help the citizens they represent.



  • Each and every person is entitled to the fruits of their labor without the State stealing from them. You know what the best use of your money is better than some faceless bureaucrat. Federal income, property, and estate taxes should be eliminated immediately. The Fed should also be abolished. Their manipulation and printing of money devalues our currency, weakening the buying power of Americans’ dollars while creating boom/bust cycles that help the rich and hurt the lower and middle classes.


 Victimless Crimes

  • If there is no victim, there is no crime. It is not for anyone to dictate their morality or feelings upon anyone else. While some people might find certain actions to be morally abhorrent, it is not the responsibility of society to control how an individual lives their life if the consequences of those actions only affect the individual. 


Government Debt

  • The debt that is being accumulated by the Federal Government is the biggest threat to our nation’s prosperity. It is not fair to future generations that we spend ourselves into oblivion and leave our children and grandchildren to pay the consequences of our actions; it is the worst form of taxation with representation. Economically, the current spending and accumulation of debt is not sustainable, therefore, it is time for Washington, DC to get their affairs in order.