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March 2023

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Good morning,

​I wanted to reach out to you today to let you know about this month’s Waller County meetup. In an attempt to start making the monthly meetups more enjoyable, we will be having more events that are event based instead of just regular meetups.This month, our meetup will be at Main Event (24401 Katy Freeway, Katy TX, 77494) on March 26th at 2pm. We will be bowling and playing laser tag. I know that these events can be hard to make with kids, so future meetings will be held with kids/family in mind. With that being said, I would love to hear from everyone on places that would be fun for you and your family. We want to make it as easy an enjoyable as possible for you to come socialize with fellow libertarians in Waller County and the surrounding areas.

During the coming year we will be doing more to outreach to the local community. This will include volunteer work, booths at local events, and attending county and city council meetings. The goal of the Libertarian Party is to do the things that the State has failed at and shouldn’t be doing to begin with. If you have a charity in Waller County you know needs help, please pass that information onto us.

Last, I want to give you an update on what is happening in LPTexas. On February 25th LPTexas held its quarterly business meeting. During that meeting, the state party voted to fill committee positions for the upcoming convention. These committees were convention planning, bylaws, platform and credentials. I will keep continue to keep you up to date on these committees and what they are working on.

I look forward to seeing you at the March meetup!

In Liberty,

Jacob Bradley

Waller County LP Chair